Pricing in Detail

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Shoe repairs
Ladies Heels: Stiletto
Ladies Heels: Standard
Ladies Leather Soles & Heels
Mens Rubber Heels
Mens Rubber Soles & Rubber Heels
Mens Leather Soles & Heels
from £39.00
Laundry (Wash, Dry & Fold)
Small bag <2kg
Medium <6kg
Large Bag <10kg
(Extra £1.20 per kg)
Single Duvet
Double Duvet
King Size Duvet
Dry Cleaning
Suit - 2 piece
Blazer / Suit Jacket
Dress - Plain Short
Dress - Plain Long
Skirt - Plain Short
Skirt - Plain Long

These are base prices for fabrics such as wool and polyester.
There are additional charges for:

Delicate fabrics such as silk & rayon
Difficult fabrics such as cotton & linen
Fancy trims such as beads, sequins & leather

We do FREE minor repairs with cleaning, such as a loose button or small seam.

Repair Seams / Holes / Buttons
Trouser Zip
Trouser Hem Shorten / Lengthen
Trouser Take in / Out
Curtain Shortening
from 7.00 per metre

Our price list for alterations & repairs is extensive. Additional charges exist for cuffs, linings, vents & elastic, as well as two-way, reversible and long zippers.

Our tailors are professionals & can perform even the most difficult repairs & alterations. We have a tailor specializing in suede & leather repairs & alterations, as well as a tailor specializing in bridal and formal wear alterations!

All of our tailors provide fittings, with no appointments necessary. Visit any tailor during his/her regular hours to have garments fitted. Let our tailors help give you the perfect fit!

Please call us at 0118 948 2909 for pricing.
All prices are subject to change without notice.



Household Items
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Wash & Fold Laundry (per lb. – 10 lb min)
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These prices are for full size items, without tax. There are additional charges for queen & king sizes, as well as down-filled items.

Mixed Ironing ( Max 5 Shirts )
Small bag 3kg
Medium bag 6kg
Large bag 10 kg
( per kg over )
10 + shirts
£1.00 each
Trousers / Jeans
£2.00 each
Shirt - Wash & Iron
Trousers - Wash & Iron

Laundered shirts must be plain – no ruffles, shoulder pads. decals, etc. – and be made of cotton or polyester. If a shirt is too small or too big to fit on the automatic shirt press, there is a charge for hand pressing.